collect that one // for sale

After many request, the card game 'collect that one' is now for sale!


In this card game, you play with online behaviour. Ask for information about peoples’ health, conditions, purchases, habits, and objectives to collect complete data sets.


It's perfect for playing with colleagues or friends to learn about data economics and have fun!


The cards are sustainably produced, and the packaging is made from old Attention posters. Therefore, the package is both unique and sustainable.


€25,00 (ex postage)


The cards are also for sale during exhibitions/presentations of this project.

You are no Facebook or Google user.

Not a Netflix watcher. No Uber customer or

Amazon shopper. You are their product.

You are the product of your own information.


This project is financially supported by the Grant for Talent Development, Creative Fund NL and the Pionier grand from SIDN fund, for Innovation and Internet.



explore the future of your data





A project initiated, developed, designed and executed by Julia Janssen.


Studio Julia Janssen

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