You are no Facebook or Google user.

Not a Netflix watcher. No Uber customer or

Amazon shopper. You are their product.

You are the product of your own information.

A research into the mechanics of the data economy and exploration to the future of data, privacy, and online identity. Expressed in a variety of games, visualizations, and experiments. By Design Researcher and Arist Julia Janssen

Visiting the Dutch Data Protection Authority with Paul Suijkerbuijk

one click // auction

One Click // Auction was opened from April 24th till 1st of July, 2019


One Click is a unique book, visualizing the fragile position of the Internet user in relation to strategies of the data economy. With just one click, you accept 835 privacy policies.


With a final bid of €1500,00, the winner of the One Click Auction is Paul Suijkerbuijk, on behalf of The Internet Society.


The book will be a gift to the Dutch Data Protection Authority (autoriteit persoonsgegevens). “A leading example of what is going wrong,” said Aleid Wolfsen, chairman of the Dutch DPA.

This project is financially supported by the Grant for Talent Development, Creative Fund NL and the Pionier grand from SIDN fund, for Innovation and Internet.


A project initiated, developed, designed and executed by Julia Janssen.


Studio Julia Janssen

[Art / Design & Research]

{Technology / Data & Identity}


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