attention // workshop

Last month, the first Attention // Workshop took place at Cubiss, Innovation in reading, writing and information for education and libraries. A Great success. Up next: VGN (The Association of Netherlands Municipalities).


Workshop format:



by Julia Janssen (design researcher, artist, initiator of The Attention Fair.


Playing with data

‘collect that one’ card game with online behaviour

‘guess that one’ board game about behavioural targeting

‘bet on that one’ gambling with privacy

‘are you that one’ the value of data

This comes with a hand on activity!


Closing up

reflection on the games and presentation: How to apply what we learned to your organisation.

announcing the results of the ‘are you that one’ experiment!


The schedule for the workshop depends on the number of participants and time/duration. This is flexible, but the minimum duration is 1,5 hours.


To request a workshop, please send me the following information:


Name of your company/organisation

Short description of what your company/organisation is about

Why you want to do an Attention // Workshop

Date(s) when you want to do the workshop


Number of estimated participants


This project is financially supported by the Grant for Talent Development, Creative Fund NL and the Pionier grand from SIDN fund, for Innovation and Internet.



explore the future of your data





A project initiated, developed, designed and executed by Julia Janssen.


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