You are no Facebook or Google user. Not a Netflix watcher. No Uber customer or Amazon Shopper, You are their product.

Consciousness about data and digitalization


Challenging social, political, economic, and implications in technology.


Let's start building a digital society where you are in control of your online existence.

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Art & Research


With a Pionier Grant from SIDN funds for Innovation and Internet projects, Janssen is working on an artistic research about information and identity.


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Achter de Klik

Behind the Click

Podcast (Dutch)


I’ll take you one journey behind the surface of the Internet. Because what happens on the other side of the screen when you click? The online universe has a lot to offer. But what price do we pay for access?


#1 "klik hier om door te gaan"

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– With Kahtalijne Buitenweg, Member of the Dutch Parliament and vice-chairman of GroenLinks (the Green Left).


Next week:

#2 "Wij hecten veel waarde aan jouw privacy"

We really care about your privacy.

– with Internet pioneer Marleen Stikker.



Youtube (with video)


NPO radio 1 - Spraakmakers

November 19-29, 2019

0.0146 seconds

In one-click, 0.0146 seconds, you accept 835 privacy policies.


It will take hundreds of hours to read all these conditions. An inhumane difference to the 0.0146 seconds in which you thoughtlessly clicked agree - An inhumane task for a single person to read this all. So let's do it together!


‘0.0146 seconds’ is a collective read out loud performance in which everybody can participate – An act against the exploitation mechanics of the data economy. For the sake of control over personal information



For 6-12 months( until all 835 policies are read and recorded), the 0.0146 seconds pop-up radio studio travels to different locations and events. Please contact me if you would like to host an exhibition or if you want to participate as a reader.

Status on February 28, 2020: 186 readers. page 159/826

Due COVID-19, a lot of reading performances got canceled or postponed. We hope to continue as soon as possible. Check the agenda for coming events.


/ March 26, 2020 (postponed: Covid-19) new date TBA / exhibition / performance

0.0146 seconds / I-Interim Rijk – Dutch Ministry of Interior and Kingdom relations – Maarssen

/ April 2, 2020 (postponed: Covid-19) December 1st, 2020 / performance and live experiment

0.0146 seconds / Risk Event - ISACA, Spant – Bussum

/ May 7-9, 2020 (postponed: Covid-19) new date TBA / exhibition / performance

0.0146 seconds / TUMULTINGENT, De Krook, Ghent

/ May 30-31, 2020 (postponed: Covid-19) May 2021 / exhibition

0.0146 seconds / Lentekabinet Festival, Amsterdam

/ July 1, 2020 / exhibition / performance

0.0146 seconds / FutureLab Toekomstverkenning: ‘De informatiehuishouding van het Rijk in 2030’ (Ministry of Education, Culture and Science) - Nieuwspoort, The Hague

/ TBA / performance and presentation

0.0146 seconds / Fixing The Internet: Data Sharing is caring, Freedomlab Campus – Amsterdam

/ Aug 27-30, 2020 (postponed: Covid-19) / exhibition / performance

0.0146 seconds / Into The Great Wide Open, Vlieland

/ Oct 17-25, 2020 / exhibition

Driving Dutch Design / Dutch Design Week 2020

photo by Ilyas Sarib

Other projects

data stocks

Research and system on the monetary value of personal data

The Attention Fair Installation

Games, visualizations and experiments about the monetary value of personal data

A project by Julia Janssen

Studio Julia Janssen

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